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As homeowners often struggle with deciding on which front porch style to choose from as, there are many options available when it comes to styles and details. Some people may think of this process simply is simple but there is a more complex function which involves morphing the look of your home and upgrading its value and appeal. It’s all about the details and in any scenario whether that be a new ‘facelift’ or raising curb appeal for perspective buyers you must take it serious. Another thing you need to take into account is the fact that you may want your front porch to be serviceable for particular things.

Front Porch Floors – Check out our design templates to see what you want for your porch floor, this is important because it is the first thing people will recognize when they visit. Having the right flooring can vastly increase the aesthetics of your front porch. Consider options like wide-plank wood decking, concrete, tile or brick. Because this is the central focus of your space it should go with the overall decor of the front porch design you choose. You have an almost infinite amount of colors, designs, textures, and materials to pick from but this makes it easier to coordinate the look that you want effectively.

Porch Ceilings – You can pick from classic or vault looks which constitute a precisely built roof for a durable option to your front porch design based on the elements you choose while adding to the design you are going for. There are a number of options to consider like contemporary looks, elegant styles, or rustic designs. Tongue and groove – two types are painted or stained – these are great appealing and popular options you may want to look into. If you’re going for a rustic appeal, implementing an open ceiling that shows rafters and creates an expansive feeling for the front porch may be the look you want to go with. If you decide to commit to a traditional option which constitutes the classic bead board ceiling, you can paint your new porch ceiling in a variety of ways and some even say the blue robin bird look gives you good luck. This is considered a tradition in the south.

Front Porch Railings – Map out your steps before you approach your porch stairs. Railings – might be the first thing you guests see and it also provides more than just safety but it can add a luxurious look. The balustrade – This basically describes the entire rail. This also keeps your porch safe and secure. Railings can be made from a mixture of resources and synthetic alternatives to wood like vinyl which gives more durability and low maintenance. Aluminum is one of the hottest materials on the market right now and it gives you an iron type of look. Railings also look fabulous when they are built from the same materials as the front porch floor, or you have the ability to combine different resources like cable and composite wood and even glass.

Front Porch Steps – Make your steps unique. This can add a powerful statement, making the front porch appear larger, or deciding to use floral designs that serve as a unique floral introduction to your residence. You can customize your space by adding paint to your steps to mirror the front porch and add a little contrasting color like geraniums. Choosing natural materials such as slate are a low maintenance option and can add a subtle and vibrant colorful look. The shape you choose for your steps can greatly impact your front porch area. Curved steps can apply a whole new dimension to the porch.

Front Porch Lighting – Lighting up your space adds superior appeal to your space. From landscape lighting to outdoor table lamps to double sconces to lantern lights to recessed lighting, illuminating your front porch Chicago gives a huge welcoming feel to your front porch Chicago design. Exterior entry lighting goes with your homes look, and offers a level of safety while giving guests a roadmap to the front door. Its very important to choose the right lights that can brighten the entry way and cast a unique glow over the area. Another thing to keep in mind is that light fixtures should always carry an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rating on the label.

Front Porch Columns – Columns give your home a great level of sophistication. Functional and decorative columns serve as more than just support for your roof. Columns add definition to your home’s architectural style while giving your front porch Chicago a more inviting feel. An important element to your front porch Chicago design is the resources you use such as wood, composite, stone bases, low maintenance fiberglass, wrought iron, etc. These are just a few options to choose from. Non-structural vinyl porch columns are a unique alternative that wrap around your already existing columns. These offer quick maintenance, a long lasting design, and give off a truly elegant look. The most popular column designs are tapered, squared, rectangular, or round. No matter what option you choose, they will greatly enhance your front porch Chicago home curb appeal.

Front Porch Roofs – A front porch contractor can give you a variety of shingle option to pick from, depending on your overall porch design. Composition shingles that are also known as asphalt shingles, are the most popular material for roofing. This consists of a fiberglass mat which goes between two layers of asphalt. Implementing tiny stones which are embedded into the top contribute to the protection of the shingles keeping the safe from harmful rays. Wood shingles and shakes are traditionally good looking but are not a practical option because of fire concerns. In dry climates they do perform well but they have to be fire resistant to be effective. Metal panels and tiles are growing the fastest in popularity based on the fact that they are very long lasting, resistant to fire, and some are capable of standing up to powerful storm conditions.
The trending color for rooftops throughout the country is gray because it blends in with nature. Your accent color starts to take shape when put with gray, which serves many purposes as a weathered color known to enhance brighter shades.

Front Porch Furniture Adding furnishing to your porch greatly increases your outdoor quality of living. Rockers and a table featuring a pitcher with lemonade are very inviting elements that front porch contractors recommend to boost curb appeal. If you choose to have your front porch visible to the street, it serves as a cozy invitation for visitors or guests as a place to relax and unwind. You can also create your own style by choosing between love seats, chars, end tables, accent rugs, plants and a porch swing depending on the overall size porch that you and your front porch contractor decide on. A front porch contractor may recommend selecting a durable and water-resistant piece to make maintenance easier. Paint it. If you decide to go with the easy route you can simply paint your door a bold color to update and add bright vibrance to your home. After you paint you can add hardware and you’re all set from there. Exterior house trim can also give your home a charming curb appeal. You have the option to go with a full trimmed out porch with brackets, running trim, molding and medallions. Adding elements to your front porch such as trim can really make your design stand out in a unique and exciting way.

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Porch types offered by ACA Porch Builders

Front Porch Chicago
A high quality porch addition to your residence is an amazing way to upgrade your curb appeal and increase the value of your house. Our beautiful unique front porch Chicago comes in many different styles and designs that match any home aesthetic so you can find the perfect one for your unique lifestyle.

Open Porch Chicago
Adding an open porch to your home is a great way to add an element of rustic southern charm to any residence while giving you a fantastic space for lounging and entertainment. Open front porch Chicago is increasing in popularity in the suburbs due to the vast amount of styles as well as varieties available.

Large Porch Chicago
If you want to add a particularly grand or extra sized porch to your residence, this option creates an amazing space for a number of activities such as dinner parties and evening hangouts. Maximize the space available on your property with our large front porch Chicago construction.

Common questions asked for screened patio enclosures

How long does it take to build a front porch addition?

Depending on the size of your front porch addition, on average a project can take anywhere from 3-4 days to 2 weeks. Front porch contractors may take long on projects that are more complex.

What are the benefits of a front porch? Curb appeal? Added Value?

The front porch as well as others is making a huge comeback among homeowners. These days you see a lot more homes that have screened in, side, and rear porches on contemporary homes. These porches offer an emotional as well as a practical aspect. Front porches are a favorite because of their ability to add curb appeal to a home, expand living space, transform quality of life, and impact a home’s value. Home owners nowadays want deeper, wider, and bigger full front porch Chicago than any time in history.

What are some elements that will make my porch distinctive?

A front porch contractor may respond with columns, whether round or square, number and size of steps, hand railing and lighting mix to improve the appeal of your home, recessed, low voltage lighting creates a soft and pleasing effect. Adding details like decorative trim, patterned floors, and interesting railings and pickets can make a custom design that mirrors the style of the homeowner.

What types of materials will be best for my new porch or porch remodel?

There are a number of porch material options available depending on your budget and lifestyle. You do want to consider a few things when you are making this decision. You can choose between shingles versus standing seam metal, bronze or copper, for your roof, bead board or smooth BC plywood or tongue-and-groove wood for your ceiling and wood, copper or iron for the railings, etc. You may also consider new composite resources for columns, fascia boards, etc. this can greatly reduce maintenance or replacements needed in the future.

How can I make sure my porch complements my home and adds curb appeal?

Every porch is specially designed and customized to your home’s unique architectural character. We usually provide a photo proposal so you can review it before the work is started. This ensures that your are satisfied with the work before the process begins. Because construction details can vary (eg: railing styles, roof materials, flooring, etc.) , a front porch contractor will suggest an optimal design option that will give you maximum curb appeal from all angles.

How do I care for my front porch after it’s installed?

If you have a wood deck then shortly after the construction is complete (30 days in summer, longer in colder months) you will need to seal the deck with a quality wood sealer. Doing this provides a finish with color (the stain and sealer are the same process) for your deck. Once this is complete, we recommend staining and sealing your deck once every year.

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