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Our deck building Des Plaines company uses only the highest quality materials paired with expert craftsmanship to create your vision into reality. We are licensed, and we meet today’s building codes. Whether you need a large or small deck, covered porch, front porch, screened in porch, or Trex deck, we take pride in every project we make, and we treat every project as if it were our own home. When it comes to getting expert quality and beautiful designs, you can trust American Contractors & Associates.



American Contractors & Associates is the one that you can rely on when it comes to your deck building and front porch Des Plaines construction needs. We have been in the business for years and we’re proud to say that we have provided outstanding results to a lot of customers. Our years of experience has allowed us to deliver the most functional and beautiful decking Des Plaines services to our customers. Our deck contractors are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to ensure that every result is at the highest quality. This is the feature that sets us apart from other decking Des Plaines companies in the area.

We have worked on different types of wood for decking Des Plaines located, and we are the main provider of high-grade Trex decking. Our company understands that you only want the best for your home, which is why we only use the highest quality materials that can last for years. We don’t stop providing deck services, we also provide porch construction, renovation, and repairs. Our professional contractors have built countless porches and decking Des Plaines located and can prove that we have the skills to give you the best deck and porch for your home.

Whether it is for deck building Des Plaines service, repair, or screened in porch Des Plaines construction, you can always trust and rely on American Contractors & Associates!

ACA Porch Builders & Deck Contractors Des Plaines

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No matter how big or small your deck is, we will construct a beautiful deck addition for your home. Our deck builders Des Plaines located are skilled at working with diverse materials and will give you an excellent finished project.


For us, nothing is more rewarding than helping our customers revitalize their decks. Our deck builder Des Plaines team will repair your decks to the highest of standards for years of worry-free use.


Use Trex decking Des Plaines located to craft the deck of your dreams! Our pest-proof Trex decking will not stain, fade or rot. You can be confident knowing that our talented and dedicated professionals will ensure your outdoor living space will last you and your family for years to come.


Our porch builders nearby Des Plaines will provide you a beautiful, functional outdoor space that will add an overall appeal to your property. We work with all types, styles, and sizes and assure you that our work will turn your vision to reality.


With our front porch Des Plaines contractors, you can have an attractive space to hang out, wave to your neighbors, and watch the world go by. Our front porch Des Plaines contractors assure you that your front porch will improve the overall aesthetic of your home, function, and will last long.


You never have to worry about insect bites, sun exposure, and other outdoor elements with our screened in porch Des Plaines service. Our porch builders Des Plaines located are professionals, skilled, and uses only the highest-quality materials to ensure your protection while creating additional privacy and the ability to use your screened in porch Des Plaines located more often.



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American Contractors & Associates, LLC (Porches & Deck) begins with the needs of our customers, so our deck contractors near me and porch builders near me create exactly what you’re looking for. Our superior craftsmanship stands out with our attention focused on even the smallest detail to build porches and decking that are built to last and look fantastic. It is that dedication to building the very best decking and porches that creates trust and confidence in our customers.

Along with our work ethic to keep each project moving forward as planned while staying on time, on budget, and in constant communication with our customers, we develop the foundation of a great customer experience through professional workmanship and a friendly demeanor. So you can be completely satisfied with our deck contractors near me and porch builders near me from start to finish.

How to decide on the best decking Des Plaines company. Here are some pointers!

You should not rush into deciding upon the best deck builder Des Plaines located for you. Check out decks everywhere you go until you know exactly the one that you want. When you come across incredible porches that appear to be strong and sturdy, feel free to ask the homeowner the name of the deck building Des Plaines company they hired to install it. Browse the internet and scroll through galleries of images on websites. Check out the reviews of different companies in order to eliminate certain candidates and focus on others. Ask your top candidates for references and contact them to be sure you receive specific details from previous clients. Ensure that you address each aspect of your project like costs, terms of payment, permits, builder’s experience, and company’s materials. In sharing this prior to beginning your project, you will save both money and time and even more so if you keep an open mind. It is crucial not to be limited to options and estimates from one vendor for a single product. If you contact multiple companies and are open to their variety of products, you are more likely to encounter what you seek for your project. Never go with the cheapest option. It will likely lead to the necessity for deck repair or even replacing your deck in only a few years, which will make it a much larger expense in the long run. If you consider these suggestions, you are more likely to find the best deck for you. If this is what you seek and you are in Des Plaines, you have found the perfect match.

Designing Your Personal Customized Deck Alongside Professional Deck Contractors

ACA Porch Builders & Deck Builders Des Plaines

A deck is a very easy way to boost your home’s aesthetics. It can create additional space for relaxation and recreation at the same time as being attractive. These augment the social space in your home as well for throwing parties or entertaining guests. If you are seeking to truly upgrade your home, custom decking Des Plaines service is not only functional but can also be incredibly attractive. Although some people enjoy this construction design and execution process, others find it difficult and stressful. Several elements are at the forefront of this decision-making process including which is the leader among decking Des Plaines companies or which porch design best suits your house. If you keep in mind your master plan, it will be easier to ensure it comes to fruition. To make your job a bit easier, it is best to call a reputable deck builder Des Plaines located who can provide all the necessary options in order to obtain your perfect porch. We can help you create an exquisite design that compliments the exterior of your house and does not break the bank. As a leader among decking Des Plaines companies, we aim to provide homes with the ideal deck that homeowners will enjoy thoroughly for many years to come. Feel free to contact us for additional information.


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Decks are not only an excellent manner in which to increase usable recreational space, they are a beautiful addition to a home as well. Decks can quickly convert into your family’s most popular space for throwing barbecues, hanging out, or having playdates. It is important to contract a professional deck builder as soon as you have decided to build a deck onto your home. Our expert deck builder Des Plaines team will collaborate with you in determining which styles, textures, woods, and shades are best suited for your project, based on your likes and the accompanying maintenance levels for each choice. We are excited about deck building and deck repair and proudly provide outstanding customer service as porch builders Des Plaines located. Our certified team offers the performance level and the experience necessary to provide a fantastic finish and quality front porch Des Plaines construction, which make your home and life more efficient.

Would you like to improve your home’s function and style by adding on the perfect porch or deck? Both offer great spots to enjoy being outside and hosting gatherings and parties at your own property. There are plenty of decking Des Plaines companies and it is important to select the one that is best suited to your project. Our American Contractors & Associates in Des Plaines are experienced, hardworking, punctual, and respectful. We utilize best-engineered plans in order to provide optimum durability and safety for your deck or porch. We are always trying to integrate trending designs and cutting-edge materials in our front porch Des Plaines projects. No matter if you seek a small or big porch, our porch contractors will build your deck utilizing high-quality materials. We look forward to hearing from you and working together. Contact us today!


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Many Styles of Decking Des Plaines Located

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There is a wide range of amazing backyard deck-building ideas, allowing you to be as creative as you want to be. Our deck builder Des Plaines team can plan out any size or shape for your decking to make your yard look wonderfully unique. Being flexible with how you want to use your deck allows you to construct it anywhere, so you can make use of the unused areas of your yard, build on top of the garage, or hide an unsightly slope. Leave it to our decking Des Plaines contractors to design the perfect-fitting deck for your yard and build it beautifully.

Wraparound Deck

For traditional wraparound porches or decks, our deck builder Des Plaines team can help. Unlike other decking options, certain areas of a wraparound design can be built larger, spread out, and made to feel like a comfortable room. This kind of decking solution is commonly elevated and the advantage of wraparound decking is that it can expand the interior living space of your home to make use of the outdoors.

Multi-Tier Deck

The multi-tier deck style can display two stories or more to make decking that is ideal for a large property or where there is a sloped change in elevation. Multi-tiered decking Des Plaines located offers a tremendous benefit. It makes the most of the space by producing a number of areas at various levels. Our deck building Des Plaines team can boost the appeal of your yard with this type of deck, as it can offer a unique architectural design that speaks for itself.

Attached Deck

Attached decking is much like a patio only made of wood or a wood composite decking material. This kind of decking Des Plaines located is often slightly raised and usually affixed to an L-shaped or U-shaped house in the backyard. Our deck builders in Des Plaines can give you this style of deck to expand your outdoor living space for the whole family to be together.

Detached Deck

We can build your detached decking anywhere you need it on your property, even as an island, so you can make great use of it as you need it via a stairway or pathway access. This type of decking is beneficial because it can be constructed on spots with poor drainage or areas that are bumpy, rocky, or feature uneven terrain. Our deck builder Des Plaines company can make certain your detached deck highlights your landscaping and adjacent flowerbeds.

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What maintenance is required for wood decking Des Plaines located?

Although porches and decks both give a homeowner an expanded outdoor living space, there are differences between the two. Porches are generally designed as a home addition that features an overhead covering. A porch is also commonly situated at the front door of the home. Decking Des Plaines is normally constructed in the rear of the home and it may or may not be a covered area. The deck can also feature more convenience and unique architectural elements as it is built to extend out and away from the home. Our deck and porch builders Des Plaines located can develop a stunning, customized, and functional outdoor living area around your home that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The first item to think about for a new deck or porch construction is the budget. From there, you can formulate a plan for the ideal decking design you would want in the style to match your home. Then you can find professional deck builder and porch builders Des Plaines located. We will determine the size you need, the features you want, the materials to be used, and remain within your budget at a great price. You can see our written terms and conditions, together with our warranty information, and we come to you with proof of insurance coverage so you can have full clarity and peace of mind. Speak with our porch and deck builder Des Plaines team today!
There are quite a few options available to you for various styles of porches and decking Des Plaines located. You can choose to have a classic natural wood structure, a wood composite, or you can go with aluminum materials. Choosing which material is right for your project will depend on certain factors like budget, climate, your desire for more or less maintenance, and the general aesthetics you would like to have for your home’s exterior.
All kinds of wood can rot under the right circumstances that allow moisture to set in for extended periods of time. It may be difficult to see any rot if it is only on the underside of your decking or porch boards, underneath the stairs, or in other tight areas. If possible, take a look under your deck to see if you can find any rotting boards. If you have rot that is less than half an inch into your wood boards, you can leave it as-is, but wood boards that carry more rot than that will have to be replaced by expert deck contractors who understand deck building Des Plaines.

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Our company provides qualified deck builders and porch builders Des Plaines residents trust. We are accustomed to building decking Des Plaines right so it can stand up to any weather issue. Our crew is very familiar with traditional decking materials and working with them and we additionally stay on top of the constantly-evolving line of innovative, new products. We proudly offer the best options for any deck building or front porch Des Plaines construction to every one of our customers. We are here to tell you about all the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of building products as there are no ideal materials that can handle every situation across the board. Our deck builder Des Plaines team will be sure you know all of your options in order to compare them and choose but will not attempt to sell you on particular brands or products unless they are advantageous to your project. The ideal professionals in deck building Des Plaines residents love who utilize the appropriate products will build the perfect deck for you. The same applies to any of our front porch Des Plaines contractors homeowners rely on, we will ensure you always obtain the results that you seek.
For many years, our professional team has delivered numerous phenomenal projects of porch construction and decking Des Plaines located. The knowledge and experience we have gained allows us to comprehend what works best. We receive inquiries from people throughout the country seeking expert decking advice. We gladly answer them. We provide a unique mix of the highest quality products that you will not encounter elsewhere. Our porch contractors and deck builder Des Plaines experts exclusively utilize parts and products that have been shown to work properly and can improve the design of your decking or front porch Des Plaines construction.
We create custom design solutions for every type of outdoor structure, including decking Des Plaines service and porches. Through this process, our porch contractors and deck builders can design and build additions that appear as if they were original parts of your home. Our team offers concept drawings for your front porch, covered porch, or decking Des Plaines in an effort to do our best to maintain everything within budget and keep everything reasonably priced. Our exclusive construction concepts result in projects that are both functional and attractive. They are also incredibly low maintenance. Whether you have a specific design you would like or have absolutely nothing in mind, allow our deck and porch builders Des Plaines to provide you with the best possible design that includes a plan for your project that will suit your needs and match your design style. Take a look at our portfolio and check out a few of our prior designs and projects which showcase the quality work we provide for decking Des Plaines service, porch construction and even deck repair. Reach out to us not so we can begin your custom-tailored plan.

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