What’s the difference between porch and deck?
Porches and decks provide a way for homeowners to enjoy more of their home and the outdoor space around it. Porches are generally defined as a covered addition to the house that is usually added to the front. Decking, on the other hand, is typically added at the back of a home. Our deck and porch builders in Chicago can provide you with a beautiful and functioning space in your home to spend some time with the family.

How long does a typical project last?
When you have a smaller decking or porch project in Chicago, it generally can take up to two to three weeks. At this time, our porch constructors and deck builders keep the disruption to a minimum by sending out prompt and courteous work crews, with no smoking, foul language, or trash in your yard.

What is the best decking & porch material?
There are many decking options available in Chicago today, from natural wood to composite and aluminum. The decision may seem too much but finding one that suits your spaces comes down to a compromise of four key factors. These factors are budget, climate, ease of maintenance, and overall aesthetic.

How do I begin?
The first step you need to do is determine a budget and necessary idea of the style you want for your porches or decking. Next is to meet with our expert deck builders and porch builders in Chicago to discuss size, options, materials, and costs. We will also provide terms and conditions in writing and warranty information, and copies of insurance documents to provide optimal peace of mind. Give us a call today!

How to Care for a Wood Deck?
Any type of wood can rot, mostly if it stays wet long enough. Some rot occurs in hard to see places such as the underside of stair treads and under the decking boards. Most rot occurs hard to see areas such as underneath stair treads and under the decking boards. If possible, crawl under your deck when you are looking for rotten boards. When you find a board with rot that is less than half an inch deep, it can be left in place. However, boards with rot larger than that you will need the attention of a professional deck repair contractors in Chicago