Patio or Deck? Which One Should You Choose?

Decking Chicago and patios are two great ways to upgrade your outside area. The outside areas in both options are perfect for hosting gatherings, preparing meals, and unwinding in nature. There is a huge disparity between the two in terms of requirements and build, despite the fact that they both serve the same basic purpose. […]


Do you want to modernize your house by building a tailor-made deck, but you are still hesitant about whether this is the correct way to spend your money? A well-thought-out deck plan will contribute towards your house’s market price and your family members’ enjoyment of the deck. A deck with a roof can also assist […]


The winter season tends to keep us all indoors, dreaming of the time when we can once again spend time with family and friends outdoors, enjoying the warm, sunny weather. Don’t let the gloomy weather get you down. Instead use this time to start planning your ideal outdoor living space, through home additions or improvements. […]

Your Complete Guide to Installing a Screened-In Porch

According to studies, one way to boost your physical and mental health is to spend time outside. Of course, here the weather is not always on your side. This is where a screened-in porch can come in very handy. You can enjoy all the advantages of being outside yet retain the warmth and comfort from […]


Having a reliable railing is important to any outdoor living area. Most often they are required by law, but the modern railing options available today can provide some character or an added design element to a variety of decks or porches. Railings not only keep people safe, but you can increase their usefulness through adding […]


4 Tips on How to Best Protect Your Deck from Extreme Weather Damage A deck extends your home’s living area and is great for enjoying the outdoors to its fullest. The installation of a new deck comes at a considerable cost, which makes it even more important to ensure that it is regularly maintained. Maintenance […]

What Size Should My Deck Be?

The addition of decking to your home can expand the living space to the outside of your home in an exciting manner. The intended use of your deck, the amount of deck repair and maintenance you are prepared to do, and the size of the space you have available on your property are all important […]

Is It Time to Repair or Replace Your Porch?

With time there will be some areas of your porch that catches your eye as areas need attention. It is for these areas that you need to decide whether to repair or not. There are many factors to consider when you are deciding whether to repair or replace your porch. These factors include the age, […]

How your new porch in Chicago should look?

When talking about a new porch, pavilion, or patio, it should flow or pop? This may appear funny but is important. All the custom screened porches Chicago, wood deck, pavilion, or decking we’ve created during the past 20 years it has a unique blend of diverse colors or has been more uniform. This all depends […]

Four inspirations for house decking

We usually may think regarding projects like a dining room renovation, new kitchen cupboards, and other areas within a house that can be renovated. However, decking Chicago is a spacing that usually gets ignored. Decks are an awesome exterior space for hanging out alone or with friends and family, without exiting the home. If it’s […]