Is It Time to Repair or Replace Your Porch?

With time there will be some areas of your porch that catches your eye as areas need attention. It is for these areas that you need to decide whether to repair or not. There are many factors to consider when you are deciding whether to repair or replace your porch. These factors include the age, the severity of the damage, and the overall cost. It is important to understand how each factor can influence your decision to repair or replace your porch so read further.

Porches may be built to last a long time but it does not last forever. Your porch will weaken over time be it from daily use and natural elements. It will weaken and eventually begin to rot and become unsafe to use. Older porches that have been built a long time ago are most likely not compliant to current building codes and the materials used may be worse for wear. It is best to replace any porch older than or near 15 years old. Replacing an old porch will keep you safe and confident in using the porch for a long time.
If your porch is newly built in the last 5 years it is a great option to just replace loose boards as required. A fairly new porch is most likely structurally sound and meets building codes and you should not have to worry about its structural safety. You can safely consider repairing areas that need it or touch up where needed instead of completely replacing it.

The type and degree of damage to your porch should be the deciding factors whether you repair or replace the structure. Minor issues such as cracked or loose boards, loose handrails or loose nails, can easily be repaired and does not impact the structural integrity of the porch.
More serious issues that porches could have like multiple rotting and cracking boards, loose railings, and wider deterioration and overall weakening of the structure, will require the replacement of the structure. There are many warning signs that indicate that your porch needs to be repaired. You can read about them if you are battling to decide whether or not you even need to think about repairing or replacing your porch. It is always best to consult your local porch builders near me Chicago.

You cannot attach a price tag to the safety of your family and yourself but there is a cost difference between repairing and replacing your porch. So even though the safety of your porch is the ultimate goal, the price of the work to be done does impact the decision between the two options as you do want to spend your money wisely.
At first repairing the structure rather than replacing it could seem more cost-effective than replacing it. If you need to constantly make repairs to the porch it could actually end up being even more expensive over time than replacing it in the beginning. The durability of repairs and risk of further damage needs to be a factor in your decision so you can weigh up the cost benefit between repairing and replacing your porch.
The safety of your porch structure is always the priority but ensuring that safety could mean repairing or replacing your porch. Making this decision should include the above factors to make the decision that fits your situation and budget. If you are in doubt, it is best to contact your local porch contractors for a professional view and estimate of the work to be done now and in the future. This is a sure-fire way to assist you in deciding to replace or repair your porch.

Feel free to contact us if you have decided to repair or replace your porch. We are also very happy to assist you in making the decision by providing you an overview of the state of your porch and the suggested way forward. We can make your options clear and your decisions a lot easier.