What Size Should My Deck Be?

The addition of decking to your home can expand the living space to the outside of your home in an exciting manner. The intended use of your deck, the amount of deck repair and maintenance you are prepared to do, and the size of the space you have available on your property are all important factors to consider when you are deciding on the size of the deck you want to add.
After your deck builder near me Chicago has completed the deck installation it can be very frustrating to discover that your deck is too small or too big. This is why it is vital to take everything into consideration to make the correct decision on the size of your deck long before construction commences.

What is the Average Deck Size?
In most cases decks are built much wider than they are deep with the long side of the deck running next to the house. To add more space and dimension to your home you can also opt for a multi-level deck version. The average size of decks is between 300 and 400 square feet.
If you think that a multi-level deck sounds like an intriguing option but your budget is limited you do have options. It is the norm for homeowners to start off with the first level only, and then later on when they have more resources available, they add more levels. You do however need to take future levels into consideration when designing and installing the first level so make sure your end vision is clearly formed.

Size of Your Home
Most deck contractors near me Chicago recommend a deck size no larger than 20% of the square footage of your house. If you go bigger the deck will look like it is dwarfing and overwhelming your house. It will be a situation of too much deck and too little house, but this is entirely up to you and if you like the way it will look then build a bigger deck. There are no limitations to how big you can build your deck really other than space and cost. The bigger the deck the less lawn you have to mow and maintain and the more entertainment surface you will have.

Regulations, Codes and Permits
Before you commence with your deck building project you will need to check all local building codes, regulations and restrictions to ensure that your intended construction complies to all requirements. You will also have to obtain a permit before you begin building as with most remodeling projects.
There may be restrictions in terms of how close your deck may be to the property of your neighbor as well as its size and dimensions. Other factors such as the location of a well, septic tank or drain fields may also impact where you may or may not build your deck or how far your deck can extend from your home.

The size of your deck does impact on the size it takes up in your yard. If you enjoy gardening and planting you will need to choose a deck that does not cover too much of it. The design of your deck always needs to compliment and blend it with your garden and yard as far as possible. Start by assessing and selecting the parts of your yard you like to work in and maintain and this leaves the areas that you can cover with a deck without regretting it later on. You can always use materials such as stones, pavers and bricks to build paths or sections that transition from your house to the decking.

What Is The Best Entertaining Deck Size?
The amount and size of the entertainment you mostly do will impact on the size of your ideal deck design. If your idea of entertaining is having a few people over for a relaxing meal then your deck can be smaller than those who prefer a much more elaborate event. Consider these factors before building your deck:

  • Will you need a small grill or large kitchen area with refrigerator, sink and counter space?
  • Will you be enjoying movies on your deck? If so, how much seating will be needed?
  • Will your deck have a pool? Will you be adding on a pool house?
  • Will you need a separate area for a hot tub or showers?
  • Will you need multi levels and will you want access from these levels?

The average household requires smaller entertainment spaces like a small grilling space and an outdoor patio set. The average space required to seat 4-6 people is about 144 square feet. If you want to seat 10 -12 people, you will require up to 288 square feet, but for comfortable space to relax you will need to add at least another 392 square feet.

What Is The Best Shape For Your Deck?
The shape, and size are directly related when it comes to decks. In smaller and tight fit spaces your deck will need to be shaped to fit into the space available. If space is not an issue, then the size and shape can be what you want it to be. For those of us who live in densely populated areas and the city, the creative shaping of our decks is a very relevant consideration.

For experienced deck builders, especially those who work primarily in the city, dealing with space constraints is the norm. These builders use various options such as following the lines of your home or adding curves and angles to achieve a better fit in your limited space. Some become very creative by combining straight and curved lines to create a unique look that gives a clean feel to the straight areas and a softer look where curves are added. This combination can create a very interesting and beautiful look to your home and deck.

Are you ready to start your deck building project?
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