Added Privacy for Your Patio or Deck

Added Privacy for Your Patio or Deck
It can be difficult to enjoy your patio or deck if it is open exposed to your neighbors. Perhaps you would like to sunbathe in your swimsuit without an audience or simply relax into an intimate summer evening. Maybe you are more comfortable reading or eating simply knowing that no one can see you. There are several things you can do to better the privacy of your backyard area, anywhere from reasonably inexpensive DIY projects you can finish in just one day to some more extensive projects for which you’ll be better off hiring a professional deck builder near me Chicago or porch builder.

How to increase Privacy for Your Patio or Deck: Add Plants to Your Patio or Deck
Visit your local nursery to purchase some plants. Trees and hedge walls are a fantastic option that provides some privacy. You can also create a bit of a barrier using hanging plants and large potted plants.

Fencing Around Your Patio or Deck
One of the best ways to isolate your patio or deck and maximize your privacy is by installing a tall, sturdy fence. The downside is that this may make you feel slightly claustrophobic or closed in. This depends entirely upon your tastes and personal preference. An option to avoid feeling so isolated is to use latticework to build the top couple feet of your six-to-seven-foot fence. This option provides privacy but at the same time makes the space have a more open feeling.

Curtains and Privacy Screens
Curtains and privacy screens are fantastic because you can pull them out when you need them and put them away when you do not.
Curtains are an excellent option. Aside from style, they can also double as an insect barrier. Aesthetically, you can choose the design based on your personal design tastes, creating a high-end oasis vibe if you like.
Privacy screens are another option that can even be a DIY project but you should consider to hire professional porch builders near me Chicago like us – ACA Porch & Deck Builders Chicago. You could create a privacy screen around your decking by building a custom one from the bottom up based on your porch size or can even repurpose old doors or another upcycled item.

Sound Barriers for Your Patio or Deck
Physical privacy is not the only concern for backyard privacy. It is nice to have a bit of a sound barrier that offers you additional protection for your conversations. Perhaps an element like a waterfall can help to mask your personal conversations with friends and family without sharing them with your neighbors.