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American Contractors & Associates is the original and best designers and builders of decks, porches, front porch, covered porch, and Trex deck builders in Evanston. In building decks and porches, as well as repairing and tearing out old rotten floors, we only use the highest quality service and materials to give our customers beautiful, long-lasting outdoor space. Our deck builder contractors are meticulously chosen, trained, and licensed, and we assure you that we meet today’s building codes. We will guide you in planning a beautiful deck that will match the exterior of your home and will fit your lifestyle and needs.

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At American Contractors & Associates, we are proud to say that we provide outstanding deck building services in Evanston. With our years of experience, we take pride in our deck building and porch construction skills. It allows us to deliver the most functional porches and decks that are a fit for your personality and preferences. Our deck contractors are skilled and efficient to ensure that each result is at the highest quality. These qualities that we possess sets us apart from other decking companies, making us one of the leading deck builder nearby Evanston area.

Our years of experience have gained us reliability and trust from customers. We can work with all wood types for decking and we are also the main provider of Trex decking. Trex decking is the number one desired service because of its durability. Our deck contractors can also provide renovation, restoration, and building you a new porch.

If you need any services for deck building, deck repair, or porch construction, we are the company that you can trust and rely on. There are no too small or too big of a task for us to handle. With our expertise, we can guarantee you results that are beyond your expectations.

ACA Porch Builders & Deck Builders Evanston
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Deck Building Evanston

Recognized as one of the top-rated deck builders in Evanston, we offer you only excellent finished project just the way you wanted it. Whether it is a small or big deck building, we’ve got you covered.

Deck Repair Evanston

Get your deck ready for the family gathering this holiday season by availing our state of the art deck repair. Let our professional deck builders in Evanston do the magic and have your old deck back to its original beauty.

Trex Decking Evanston

Be more eco-friendly and start using trex decking. We only use materials of the highest quality to make sure they will last longer. Our pest-proof trex decking will not stain, fade, warp, rot or need new painting.

Porch Builders Evanston

With our porch contractors in Evanston, you can hang out outdoors, savor a summer’s breeze, observe wildlife, or bask in birdsong at the end of the day within your reach. We will enhance your outdoor living space and turn it into your dream porch.


Front Porch Evanston

Our experienced front porch contractors in Evanston are reliable and will build your front porch and ensure the integrity of its structure. Our goal is to provide beautiful designs, exceed our customers’ satisfaction, and get the job done right the first time with unparalleled customer service.

Screened in Porch Evanston

Enjoy your time outdoors with our screened in porch contractors in Evanston. Our contractors will provide you aesthetically designs and will enhance your stay in your outdoor space by covering your porch to protect you from uncomfortable external elements.


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Superior Custom Decking and Porches Professionally Designed for You

Planning to add a deck building behind your house but not sure where to start? Our company is here to help. We at American Contractors & Associates, LLC design custom decking for all homeowners in the Evanston area. We also design and build porches of different styles that would surely complement your home and give you a beautiful structure that you can enjoy for years to come. We have a dedicated crew of deck contractors and porch builders in our company equipped with the experience and skills you are looking for. With years of background in the business, you can surely rely on our precise skills and a great eye for detail. Our deck builders in Evanston take on each project like their own, so you can trust that they give our 100% every time. Adorn your home with our excellent decks and porches. Get in touch with us today at American Contractors & Associates, LLC!

How to select the best decking company in Evanston. Tips for you!

Selecting your ideal deck builder is not a choice that should be made hastily. Observe everywhere you go until you find a deck you love. Anytime you see gorgeous porches that appear to be well-installed, go right ahead and ask the homeowner the name of the deck building company they used. Scroll through the internet and through the galleries of various websites. Browse through reviews in order to narrow down your list of candidates. Request references and follow up on them in order to hear actual information from previous customers. Be sure to talk through each element of your projects such as permits, costs, terms of payments, company’s materials, and builder’s experience. By communicating this in advance you can save both time and money, especially if you are open to varied choices. Be certain not to limit yourself to quotes from only one company for only one product. Contact several companies and learn about the different products that they utilize as well as suggestions for your project. Never choose the cheapest choice. It will most certainly mean replacing your deck in only a few years, a potential need for deck repair, and will be significantly more expensive over time. If you take these suggestions into consideration, you just may obtain your ideal deck. If you are looking for all of this and you are in Evanston, you have come to the right place.

Designing Your Personal Customized Deck With Professional Deck Contractors
ACA Porch Builders & Deck Builders Evanston

A deck is a simple way to improve your home’s aesthetics. Not only is it attractive, it also offers a comfy space for relaxation and enjoyment. It also increases the space in your home for social functions for times when you decide to have a party or event. If you really want to up the ante and take your home to the next level, custom decking is an attractive and functional addition. For some people, this decision may be fun while for others it can be complicated and frustrating. There are a variety of points to consider like which is the best of decking companies in Evanston or which porch design best matches your home. You should have a strong idea of what you are looking for in order to accomplish what you seek. In order to lighten your workload, you should call a recommended deck builder in Evanston who will offer you every option necessary to obtain the perfect porch for you. We will assist you in creating the ideal design that suits your home’s exterior as well as your budget. As one of the best deck companies in Evanston, our goal is to give homes the proper deck that homeowners will thoroughly enjoy for years to come. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Patio and garden of family home at summer

Decking Out Your House! With Our Deck & Porch
Builders in Evanston

Decks are a lovely addition to a home as well as an excellent manner in which to increase usable space, especially recreational. Decks may become your family’s central area for simply hanging out, having playdates, or throwing barbecues. Once you have determined that you will add a deck to your home, it is crucial to contact an expert deck builder. Our professional deck contractor in Evanston can assist you in selecting which styles, shades, woods, and textures are best for you depending on your likes and the accompanying maintenance levels. We are passionate about deck building and deck repair and are proud to offer optimum customer service as porch builders in Evanston. Our certified team offers the experience and performance level required to provide excellent finish and quality porch construction, in turn making your home and life more efficient.

Seeking a Decking Company Around Evanston? Select ACA Porch Builders & Deck Builders Professionals!

Would you like to add the perfect porch or deck that improves your home’s function and style? Both provide excellent spots for enjoying being outside and for hosting parties and gatherings in your own home. There are many decking companies in the Evanston area and it is crucial to encounter the one that is best suited to you. Our American Contractors & Associates in Evanston are hardworking, respectful, punctual, and experienced. We integrate best-engineered plans in order to ensure durability and safety for your porch or deck. We constantly seek the inclusion of trending designs and cutting-edge materials in our porches in Evanston. No matter if you desire a large or tiny porch, our porch contractors will construct your deck using high-quality materials. We cannot wait to hear from you and work together. Contact us now!

What our clients say

This decking company in Evanston is very reliable. If you need one, I highly recommend them. The deck contractors are incredibly knowledgeable in deck building. The project was done on schedule, and it looks so beautiful. I can say that their project made my house more beautiful and eye-catching.

Jeffrey Appel

The finished project was excellent. Although there was a slight adjustment that I wanted to fix, these deck contractors came back to make some additional finish without any extra charge. Their professionalism and reliability are top-notch! I recommended them to my friends here in Evanston and will use their service again for deck repair or adjustment.

Pamela Rivera

This deck builders in Evanston went out of their way to add some lovely touches without adding extra cost. It's unusual for some contractors because most of them want to finish the project fast. The finished job was excellent, and I highly recommend them!

Doris Kay

Various Styles of Decking in Evanston
ACA: The Expert Porch Builders & Deck Builder Evanston Trusts

There are so many different backyard deck-building ideas, so you can get as creative as you like. Our deck builders in Evanston can put together any size or shape of decking to make your outdoor space look spectacular and unique. Flexibility with your deck allows you to build it anywhere, including in an unused area of your yard, on top of the garage, or against a slope. Let our deck contractors in Evanston design the perfect deck for your space and build it to perfection.

Wraparound Deck
For old-fashioned wraparound porches or decks, our deck builders in Evanston can make it work. Unlike other decking styles, parts of a wraparound design can be larger, evened out, and made to look like a room. This type of decking option is usually slightly elevated and the advantage of a wraparound deck is that it can extend the interior living space of your home outward.

Multi-Tier Deck
The multi-tier deck can have two stories or more and this decking is the ideal solution for a large yard or one that has a change in elevation from one side to the other. Multi-tiered decking in Evanston has a great benefit. It maximizes the space by creating distinct areas at different levels. Our deck contractors in Evanston can enhance the visual appeal of your property with this type of deck, as it can be a unique architectural design all its own.

Attached Deck
An attached deck is similar to a patio with the difference being that it is made of wood or a wood composite decking material. This style of decking in Evanston is usually raised slightly and commonly attached to an L-shaped or U-shaped home in the backyard. Our deck builders in Evanston can create this style of deck for additional outdoor living space for the family to spend precious time together.

Detached Deck
We can position your detached decking anywhere on your property, much like an island, so you can make the best use of it as you prefer through a stairway or pathway access. The benefit of this type of decking is that it can be built on top of areas with poor drainage or those that are bumpy, rocky, or have uneven terrain. Our deck builders in Evanston can ensure your detached deck complements your landscaping and surrounding flowerbeds.

Answering All Your Questions
About Porches, Deck Building, and Deck Repair in Evanston

What is the difference between porches and decking?
Porches and decks both allow a homeowner to expand the living space to the exterior of the home, they do have differences. Porches in Evanston are normally designed as an addition that is covered and is usually attached to the front door area of the home. Decking in Evanston is usually constructed at the rear of the home with optional coverage. The deck can extend out and away from the home for more architectural and convenient features. Our deck and porch builders in Evanston can construct a gorgeous, customized, and functional outdoor space around your home that you can enjoy all year round.

How do we start our new deck construction?
The first consideration for a new deck or porch is your budget. You can then develop a plan for the decking design you like and the style that matches your home. Then you can look for the right decking companies in Evanston to speak with the local expert deck builders and porch builders. We will discuss the size you need, the features you’re looking for, the materials we will use, and we’ll offer you a great price. We’ll provide written terms and conditions, along with warranty information, and proof of our insurance so you have complete clarity and total peace of mind. Call our porch and deck builders in Evanston today!

What are the right materials to use for decking & porches in Evanston?
There are many options available to you for all styles of porches and decking in Evanston. You can go with classic natural wood, composite, and even aluminum materials. Choosing the material that’s right for your project will depend on factors like budget, climate, the need for maintenance, and the overall aesthetics you envision.

Is there any maintenance required for wood decking in Evanston?
Wood of any kind tends to rot given the moisture and the time. Sometimes that rot can be difficult to notice if it is on the underside of your decking or porch boards, beneath the stairs, or in other hard-to-see spots. If possible, get in under your deck to see if you have any rotting boards. The rot that is less than half an inch into the wood boards can be left there, but wood boards that are rotted out beyond that will require the attention of expert deck contractors who know all about deck repair in Evanston.

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ACA Porch Builders & Deck Builders Evanston
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Deck Construction
Don’t settle for an average porch and deck builder, Evanston has the most experienced deck and porch contractors at ACA Porch Builders & Deck Builders. From conventional materials to innovative up-to-date products, our expert professionals are one step ahead of the work trends when it comes to decking Evanston. Weather is no match for the skills of our people, even in the worst seasons. That’s because we know that every porch and deck is different, and we care about giving our customers the best options. Accordingly, that also includes the most suitable materials to meet their particular needs.

When it comes to supplies, we believe there is no one size fits all. Our porch and deck contractors never promote specific brands or products if they are not right for your individual project. Instead, we are committed to offering advice on the pros and cons of different options for you to compare. You can’t go wrong with the right deck builder plus the right material. Let us provide you with a deck or porch just the way you’ve pictured it.

Top-Quality Deck Solutions
For years, our team has completed a series of amazing projects, making us the deck and porch builders Evanston residents love. Our expertise guides us to choose what works best for you. Our advice and services on deck and porch construction extend to all around the country, so we’ll be pleased to give you support no matter where you’re calling from.

Our high-quality combination of products are one-of-a-kind and you won’t see them elsewhere. Our experienced deck and porch building professionals make use only of materials that have previously demonstrated being optimal for improving your porch or decking.

Deck Design
We are responsible for the most stylish decks and porches Evanston has. We offer tailored designs for outdoor projects like porch and decking. These are worked on by our builders and contractors to fit perfectly with the style of your house, so that they look like original features. We manage accessible-priced projects by creating drafts of your covered porch and/or front porch. This constitutes the base of our unique projects that combine a pristine appearance with absolute functionality and are easy to maintain. Whether you have a picture in mind, or you want to start from scratch, let our porch and deck professionals shape a concept that includes your living requirements, and the style of your home. Feel free to take a look at our portfolio to get inspired with a selection of our creations that witness the superior porch and decking services that we have delivered all around the Evanston area. Give us a call today!


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