Having a reliable railing is important to any outdoor living area. Most often they are required by law, but the modern railing options available today can provide some character or an added design element to a variety of decks or porches. Railings not only keep people safe, but you can increase their usefulness through adding accessories like drink rails for instance.
As deck contractors near me Chicago will tell you, maintenance is required to upkeep the safety and beauty of your deck railings. Due to the large variety of deck railings available, from classic wood to metal options, there may be some contradictory information available when it comes to their proper maintenance. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of deck railing maintenance as well as the correct way to maintain them to ensure they last for many years to come.

As wooden deck railings require so much effort and time to properly maintain them, it is often postponed or even neglected. Wood will eventually decay and to prolong its lifespan they require regular maintenance like power washing, sanding, restaining and resealing. This process is time consuming and calls for powerful insecticides and other chemicals that can have a negative impact on their immediate surroundings. This treatment can also prevent the wood from being recycled or composted beyond its useful life.

In addition to this, wooden deck railings tend to twist, warp, and swell in certain weather conditions, which can cause the decking brackets to become loose over time. This can result in unsteady and unsafe rails, which as any deck builder will tell you is an accident waiting to happen. Brackets can of course be tightened, but at some point it will become necessary to replace the entire deck railing.

There are several wood-alternative deck railing options available, like steel or aluminum for instance. Two of the most common reasons why deck railings fail in a relatively short time are insect and moisture damage. As the metal variety is much easier to maintain and are typically not affected by these elements, this makes it a great choice for your ideal deck railings. Decking companies can guide you in choosing metal railing options that have been finished with a weather-resistant coating. This type of coating will increase their durability
and reduce their need for extensive maintenance.

Reputable deck and porch contractors near me Chicago will furthermore point out that metal railings have no need for harsh chemicals for maintenance purposes. The cleaning process involves no more than a quick wash with soapy warm water and drying with a soft towel. Not only is this type of cleaning and maintenance so much more eco-friendly, but metal deck railings can also be recycled after they have reached the end of their life cycle. It furthermore significantly minimizes the labor required to maintain their structural integrity and to keep them looking

In addition to being moisture resistant, pre-welded panels of steel and aluminum railings can reduce installation time in half. When looking at all the benefits listed, metal deck railings are ideal as they provide a long lasting and low maintenance deck and porch railing solution.

Almost no maintenance is required for a metal deck railing, other than an occasional cleaning. These types of railings should remain spotless year after year with just a quick scrub with warm, soapy water and a sponge should the need arise. An overall low-maintenance and durable decking solution would be to combine metal deck railings with steel deck framing and composite deck boards. Ask your local deck contractors for the best low maintenance solutions to ensure a lovely outdoor living area where you can entertain your guest or spend time relaxing in.

Complete your deck building project with metal deck railings for a time saving and low maintenance wood-alternative option. You will have more time to relax and unwind in your extended living space. Continue the trend of making use of wood-alternative options for porches or any other outdoor structure, to benefit from this low maintenance option.

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