What color should you select for your deck?

Your decking Chicago plays a large part in deciding your level of outdoor living style. There are many colors from which to choose that will make sure your deck or porch properly suit your home’s style while meeting your needs. When deciding upon the proper color for your home, you should select something that coordinates will with the exterior color of your home. In this way, you are providing a bit of visual depth to the structure which will make the deck stand out and shine.

Recently, gray has become a popular color choice for deck builder near me Chicago, particularly if you like a coastal look that appears a bit weathered. When it comes to this color, there are two options.  Aspen is a light and medium gray, interwoven with taupe undertones.  Alternatively, Graphite is a rich, medium to dark gray color that creates relaxed sophistication in city-side or coastal decks.

If you would like a decking that brings to mind tropical resorts and seems especially inviting when lit, golden or warm browns are an ideal color for you. With an inviting shade of golden brown and darker brown streaking for additional dimension, Spotted Gum is a warm Australian hardwood. Tallowwood is a separate color to think about as it offers a golden brown that provides a wood look that is a bit dramatic, triggering thoughts of warm, tropical places.

However, a reputable deck builder Chicago will tell you that if you seek a decking look that is more traditional, classic brown is the option to choose. It provides a look that is both neutral and timeless. Acorn is one of the shades that you should take into consideration. Its deep, multi-chromatic shade with a combination of dark and medium browns is ideal for a classic and sophisticated look. Finally, it has reddish-brown tones, which give your decking with a vibe that is more contemporary and continues to appear new and fresh.  Jarrah is a vibrant, majestic red color that offers your deck that look that you have always hoped for.

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