How your new porch in Chicago should look?

When talking about a new porch, pavilion, or patio, it should flow or pop? This may appear funny but is important. All the custom screened porches Chicago, wood deck, pavilion, or decking we’ve created during the past 20 years it has a unique blend of diverse colors or has been more uniform.

This all depends on your particular taste of style, so that means that there is no wrong or right answer and we let that know to our customers. However is understandable that this may cause confusion, so we will get into the topic with details.

Usually, porches Chicago and decks come in one of two possible designs. The first which is the most common design is a singular color floor, with the trim and rails in white. The classic option is to maintain both vertical and horizontal colors consistently and due to proximity, it will create an attractive variation. The second and less used option for design is one where the entire structure is in a solid color. Railings, trim, and flooring are all from the same color pattern.

Although these are the most common designs according to expert porch, you don’t necessarily stick to those. You can change as little or as much as you prefer, and our duty is to help you find the best design that suits your needs. Example: you can maintain the railing post finish in white and add a colored post cap that suits the floor. Some clients freak out about this, and others can find it less appealing.

Expert porch builders near me Chicago say that another option is that the posts can be in one color and the railing in a different color. This is an audacious election that is very attractive to some. The secret is knowing colors that match well together.

Another not common approach but appealing idea is to add a third material, like balustrade in antique brown or matte black, along with a third color for flooring and white trim. This means mixing three colors in a package of flooring, trim, and deck railing is unusual and risky, but it can go well and provide excellent results. You just need to choose correctly.

A considerable factor to make this decision is your current house colors. Our deck contractors near me Chicago want your outdoor space to blend in harmony with your house, so we consider this ignored aspect into account during all design sessions. Two-color tone combination that doesn’t include white is a great choice. Also, light and dark browns work awesome together. Blacks also combine greatly with other dark composite colors teak, walnut, cedar, or sequoia.

We customize our recommendations by looking at your house, individuals’ tastes, and landscape. We are to hear you and to put together all the aspects based on current trends, also with the feedback that we receive from hundreds of designers, customers, partners, and real estate agents during all these years.